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 Canthigaster bennetti
 Whitebelly toby
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Monument (night dive)

 Canthigaster compressa
 Compressed toby
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2010
 Dive site: Jarijari (night dive)

 Canthigaster coronata
 Crowned toby
 Puerto Galera, the Philippines 2005
 house reef Action divers (night dive)

 Canthigaster epilampra
 Lantern toby
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Nudi falls (night dive)

 Canthigaster janthinoptera
 Honeycomb toby
 Ambon, Indonesia 2010
 HR Maluku divers (night dive)

 Canthigaster papua
 Papuan toby
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2008
 Dive site: Magic rock

 Canthigaster pygmaea
 Pygmy toby
 Marsa alam, Egypt 2012
 house reef Oasis (night dive)

 Canthigaster solandri
 False-eye toby
 Anilao, the Philippines 2015
 house reef Portulano (night dive)

 Canthigaster valentini
 Valentin's sharpnose puffer
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Jahir

 juvenile puffer
 Bangka, Indonesia 2017
 house reef Mimpi Indah (night dive)

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