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 Idiosepius pygmaeus
 Two-tone pygmy squid
 Ambon, Indonesia 2010
 HR Maluku divers (night dive)

 Idiosepius sp.
 undetermined pygmy squid
 Cebu, Philippines 2012
 house reef Magic Island (night dive)

 Idiosepius sp.
 undetermined pygmy squid
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Madidir (night dive)

 Idiosepius sp.
 undetermined pygmy squid
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: Agnay desert (night dive)

Sepioteuthis australis

Southern reef squid

Victoria, Australia 2018
Blairgowrie pier (night dive)

 Sepioteuthis lessoniana
 Bigfin reef squid
 Bali, Indonesia 2011
 Dive site: Seraya

 Sepioteuthis lessoniana
 Bigfin reef squid
 Anilao, the Philippines 2015
 Dive site: Koala (night dive)

 Sepioteuthis lessoniana
 Bigfin reef squid
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2008
 Dive site: Air prang (night dive)

 Sepioteuthis sepioidea
 Caribbean reef squid
 Caribbean, Bonaire 2013
 Dive site: Salt city

 Xipholeptos notoides?
 Southern pygmy squid
 Western Australia 2020
 Canal rocks (night dive)

 family Ommastrephidae
 undetermined flying squid
 Raja ampat, Indonesia 2014
 house reef Kri eco (night dive)

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