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 Parapercis cylindrica
 Cylindrical or sharpnose sandperch
 Anilao, the Philippines 2015
 Dive site: Bethlehem

 Parapercis clathrata
 Latticed sandperch, male
 Raja ampat, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Yenbuba Jetty

 Parapercis clathrata
 Latticed sandperch, female
 Anilao, the Philippines 2015
 Dive site: Murals

 Parapercis haackei
 Wavy grubfish
 South Australia, Australia 2018
 Dive site: Rapid bay jetty

 Parapercis hexophthalma
 Speckled sandperch
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: Bonbon block

 Parapercis lineopunctata
 juvenile Nosestripe sandperch
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2010
 Dive site: Hairball (night dive)

 Parapercis schauinslandi
 Red-spotted Sandperch
 Negros, Philippines 2012
 Dive site: Punta

 Parapercis snyderi
 Blackfin sandperch
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Pantai parigi

 Parapercis tetracantha
 Reticulated sandperch
 Bali, Indonesia 2011
 Dive site: Seraya

 Parapercis xanthozona
 Yellowbar sandperch
 Raja ampat, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Friwenbonda

 Parapercis sp.
 undetermined sandperch
 Cebu, Philippines 2012
 house reef Magic Island (night dive)


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