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 Arothron caeruleopunctatus
 Blue-spotted puffer
 Lombok, Indonesia 2009
 Manta point, Gili Trawangan

 Arothron hispidus
 White-spotted puffer
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Police pier II

 Arothron immaculatus
 Immaculate puffer
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: Bangug 3 (night dive)

 Arothron manilensis
 Narrow-lined puffer
 Halmahera, Indonesia 2010
 Weda resort (night dive)

 Arothron mappa
 Map puffer
 Bali, Indonesia 2009
 Tulamben, USAT Liberty

 Arothron meleagris
 juvenile Guineafowl puffer
 Ambon, Indonesia 2010
 Dive site: Laha I / II

 Arothron nigropunctatus
 Black-spotted puffer
 Raja ampat, Indonesia 2014
 house reef Sorido (night dive)

 Arothron nigropunctatus
  sub-adult Blackspotted puffer
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2010
 Dive site: Hairball II

 Arothron reticularis
 Reticulate puffer
 Bali, Indonesia 2016
 Secret bay (night dive)

 Arothron stellatus
 Starry puffer
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Pulau abadir

 Arothron stellatus
 juvenile Starry puffer
 Bali, Indonesia 2016
 Dive site: Amed, Ghost bay

 Arothron sp.
 juvenile puffer
 Negros, Philippines 2019
 Dive site: Sahara (night dive)

 Chelonodon patoca
 Milkspotted puffer
 Cebu, Philippines 2012
 house reef Magic Island (night dive)

 Lagocephalus sceleratus
 juv. Silver-cheeked toadfish
 Halmahera, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Airstrip (night dive)

 Sphoeroides spengleri
 Bandtail puffer
 Caribbean, Bonaire 2013
 Dive site: Tori's reef

 Tetractenos glaber
 Smooth toadfish
 Victoria, Australia 2018
 Dive site: Blairgowrie pier


 Chilomycterus reticulatus
 Spotfin burrfish
 Caribbean, Bonaire 2013
 Dive site: Salt city

 Cyclichthys orbicularis
 Orbicular burrfish
 Ambon, Indonesia 2010
 Dive site: Rhino

 Diodon holocanthus
 Longspined porcupinefish
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Air prang (night dive)

 Diodon liturosus
 Black-blotched porcupinefish
 Raja ampat, Indonesia 2014
 house reef Sorido (night dive)

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