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 Ceratophyllidia africana
 Bali, Indonesia 2016
 Dive site: Padang bay, Turtle neck

 Phyllidia coelestris
 Celestrial phyllidia
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2008
 Dive site: Critter hunt

 Phyllidia elegans
 Elegant phyllidia
 Raja ampat, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Friwenbonda

 Phyllidia exquisita
 Exquisite phyllidia
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2008
 Dive site: Nudi falls

 Phyllidia ocellata
 Ocellated wart slug
 Bali, Indonesia 2016
 Tulamben, Drop off/Coral garden

 Phyllidia picta
 Black-rayed phyllidia
 Marsa alam, Egypt 2012
 house reef Oasis

 Phyllidia rueppelii
 Rupell's wart slug
 Marsa alam, Egypt 2012
 Dive site: Gabal el rosas

 Phyllidia varicosa
 Varicose Phyllidia
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: Bangug check (night dive)

 Phyllidiella nigra
 Black phyllidiella
 Cebu, Philippines 2007
 house reef Magic Island (night dive)

 Phyllidiella granulata
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: Anchor bay

 Phyllidiella pustulosa
 Pustulose phyllidiella
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: Suwa

 Phyllidiella rudmani
 Rudman's phyllidiella
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: San Pedro

 Phyllidiella striata
 Striated Phyllidiella
 Ambon, Indonesia 2010
 Dive site: Batu berdiri

 Phyllidiopsis annae
 Ann's phyllidiopsis
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2008
 Dive site: Kuda laut I

 Phyllidiopsis cardinalis
 Cardinal Phyllidiopsis
 Lembeh, Indonesia 2008
 Dive site: Nudi falls (night dive)

 Phyllidiopsis fissurata
 Bangka, Indonesia 2017
 Dive site: Tanjung Totohe

 Phyllidiopsis shireenae
 Shireen’s phyllidiopsis
 Halmahera, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Fish fountain

 Reticulidia fungia
 Abstract reticulidia
 Romblon, the Philippines 2017
 Dive site: Logbon, Sanctuary

 Reticulidia halgerda
 Reticulated wart slug
 Bali, Indonesia 2016
 Dive site: Amed, Japanese wreck

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