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Amblycirrhitus pinos
 Redspotted hawkfish
 Caribbean, Bonaire 2013
 Reef scientifico (night dive)

Cirrhitichthys aprinus
 Blotched hawkfish
 Bali, Indonesia 2009
 Dive site: Secret bay

 Cirrhitichthys falco
 Dwarf hawkfish
 Anilao, Philippines 2015
 Dive site: Ligpo cavern

 Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus
 Coral or Pixy hawkfish
 Halmahera, Indonesia 2010
 Dive site: N 00.28.218 / E 128.03.38

 Cirrhitus pinnulatus
 Stocky hawkfish
 Marsa Alam, Egypt 2012
 house reef Oasis

 Paracirrhites arcatus
 Arc-eye hawkfish
 Bangka, Indonesia 2017
 Dive site: Areng kambing 1

 Paracirrhites forsteri
 Blackside or Forster's hawkfish
 Halmahera, Indonesia 2014
 Dive site: Elmo's reef

 Oxycirrhites typus
 Longnose hawkfish
 Anilao , the Philippines 2015
 Dive site: Dari laut

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